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10 Things you should know were ageing you

1. Drinking through a straw: It can cause the same skin damage as repeatedly sucking on a cigarette. Pursing the skin over and over can bring on wrinkles.

2. Skipping your regular optician appointment: Not getting your eyes tested regularly is one of the earliest shortcuts to crow’s feet. You should get your eyes tested every one to two years or sooner if you think your vision has changed.

3. Exercising too much: Excessive exercise (more than 4 hours of stamina training a week) can damage cells, destroy muscle tissue and lead to osteoporosis. Running a marathon every week could give you sagging breasts and the joints of an old woman.

4. Wearing contact lenses: Or not taking care when you put contact lenses in. If you are not sure how to insert or remove contact lenses, ask your optician. Putting them in requires light pressure, but if you are pulling at the skin around your eye daily, it starts to sag.

5. Wearing the wrong foundation: Swapping your foundation can help you ditch the decades. Look for a product that has a transparency and with peachy tones to brighten the skin. Use a primer beforehand and a brush to work foundation into the skin.

6. Not getting enough sleep: Regularly getting less than six or seven hours sleep is very ageing. It increases your risk of heart attack. It weakens your immune system. It causes you to release less serotonin and leaves you craving fatty foods, which may explain why sleep deprived people are likely to be overweight.

7. Getting too much sleep: Getting more than eight hours sleep a night on a regular basis can be equally ageing. A study by scientists at the University of California found people who sleep for more than eight hours every night are more likely to die younger.

8. Always sleeping on the same side: If you always sleep on the same side, one side of your face is constantly subjected to pressure and can become prematurely lined. Sleeping on your back with the head elevated, does wonders to prevent puffy eyes and a wrinkled face.

9. Wearing eyeliner: Pulling at your eyelid to draw a line across it will stretch the skin and can cause wrinkles. Instead, lift the skin gently upwards at the temple as this is far less damaging.

10. Not wearing sun glasses: Not protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun is a recipe for wrinkles. Look for UV400 marked glasses. The big, fashionable sunglasses are great as they protect the eyes and skin.

- Daily Mail


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