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You can enjoy life on your own terms

Pool Access Chair

The Pool Access Chair is an ideal solution to getting patients in and out of the pool via a platform lift. With super-strong PVC construction and an anti-tip design, these non-rusting chairs are designed to operate in pool water environments and showers. Shipping weight, 50 lbs. Price-approx $669.00

Landeez all-terrain chair

Will go anywhere: sand, water, snow or mud.
The Landeez all-terrain chair goes where no wheelchair has gone before, gliding gracefully over sand, gravel, snow and soft soil. The Landeez all-terrain wheelchair features the timeless quality of stainless-steel constructionOutdoor activities with friends and family provide a sense of well being which can lead to improved health and better results in rehabilitation.Price- approx $2,295.00

Beach cruzr

"Designed by the disabled, for the disabled"
The pioneer in electric beach wheelchairs.6061T6 powder coated aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware make it the strongest, lightest, fastest, corrosion resistant, user friendly, affordable electric all terrain chair on the market. Two four-pole heavy duty 24 volt motors linked to their own sealed gearbox supply the power. Standard features are choice of color, independently adjustable arm rests and footrests. The controller also adjusts and mounts on either side. The Beach Cruzr also has a manual reclining backrest and seatbelt. Many options are available, as well as customizing for individual needs. Experiencing the “Beach Cruzr” truly is a day at the beach. Plus with the new Knobby Tire Quick Change Wheel option the Beach Cruzr is equally at home on grass, snow and dirt trails. Price- approx$8,499.00 to $11,995.00

Extreme 4x4

A lifestyle, not just a wheelchair... Extreme 4x4 Wheelchair. The Extreme 4x4 is no ordinary power wheelchair. Locations previously unavailable to other wheelchairs are now available to the drivers of the Extreme 4x4.This is made possible by the patented passive steering system - a breakthrough in wheel chair design. Driving on sand, soft, wet ground or even slippery surfaces presents no problems to the Extreme 4x4.Simply, no other power wheelchair comes close to the performance of the Extreme 4x4 on all terrains
Go where you want to go...
Whether you live in the city or the country the benefits of superior climbing ability will now be available to you. With 4 motors and 4 drive wheels the Extreme 4x4 achieves absolute traction and power. The unique passive steering system uses no complicated or expensive components and ensures total reliability.

Trac Wheelchair

The Trac About uses patented technology that allows an individual the freedom to access places they are unable to go with their wheelchair, motorized scooter, and power chair or under their own power.
The Trac About goes easily through most sand, mud, and snow. The Trac About is a personal mobility vehicle designed with tracks, not wheels. The Trac About goes places that no other personal vehicle can. With the Trac About sand, snow, mud and other obstacles are no longer a problem. The unique patented track system allows you freedom to go where you want. Don't let physical limitations get in your way. Don't let physical challenges stop you from enjoying the outdoor hobbies you like. The Trac About from TracAbout, Inc. allows activities such as hunting, fishing, golfing, and gardening to be enjoyed with ease.You can enjoy life on your own terms

De-Bug All Terrain Chair

The Features Makes the Difference
The Price Makes it Affordable!
• Custom Seating
• Disassembles without tools
• Custom Seating
• Proper Support and the Ultimate in Comfort
• Unique Articulating Rear Suspension
• Adjustable Foot Rest
• 5 Year Warranty
• $2,190.00 (approx).

Tremor Wheelchair

Close your eyes and dream of the sounds of rippling waves and scents of ocean breezes that are enticing your every sense to become a part of its world. Now could you ever image being able to maneuver yourself through the sand and down to the ocean water?Well Colours ‘N Motion can with our new “Tremor” all terrain wheelchair. Not only can you push yourself easily down to the ocean, lake or river but you will be able to move independently and freely through any type of sand, mud, snow or off road surface. Price- $3,679.00 (approx).

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
Aquatic Wheelchair

Aquatic stainless steel folding wheel-chair is collapsible, with flip-up arm for transfers. 18 or 20 inches wide seat widths with double cross bracing for a 350 lb. capacity. Upholstery is mildew resistant PVC mesh. This chair is suitable for daily immersion and use in a pool environment.Price- $1,398 to $1,579 (approx).

Ti Lite Wheelchairs

(1).The Evo
With the Evo being the next evolution of lightweight chairs, it offers bolt-on camber tube for rear height and center of gravity adjustments, 70-, 80- or 85-degree front-frame angles, 4 frame depths with 12" to 20" deep upholstery, 22", 24", 26" or 27" rear wheels, and angle-adjustable; angle-adjustable high-mount; or 2"-sided footrests. Price- $ 1,395(approx).

(2).The TiLite X
The TiLite X, at 22 pounds, is the lightest, most compact and adjustable folding chair manufactured today.
In addition to the standard industry options such as adjustable seat backs, swing away arms and 6-inch front wheels, consumers may choose from a variety of new ones, including a one-piece, over-center foot plate, which increases the folder’s rigidity.
TiSport also offers a fully adjustable, high mount wheel lock, or "uni-lock," that can be adjusted to push or pull to lock. In addition, it will offer a one inch tapered front end with three front frame angles to choose from, making it the 1st folding front non-swing-away chair. Price- $1,839 (approx).

(3).The TiLite TRC

The TiLite TRC is a custom version of the Cross-Sport with additional frame modifications and accessories, including a tapered seat and fixed in place center of gravity.
This product is intended for the person who knows the exact dimensions and details they want in a chair. The Cross-Sport C, like the Cross-Sport, weighs only 15 pounds and is equally the lightest and strongest chair on the market today.
Options: Pictured w/ cushion
• Rigid Side Guards
• Spoke Guards
• Quad Release Axles
• Seat Belt
• Anti-Tips
• Polished Frame. Price- $1,998 (approx).

Beach Access Chair

This sturdy light-weight all terrain chair allows easier access in sand, snow, and other soft soils. Four balloon flotation tires gives the chair extra stability that resists tipping and corners better than three wheel designs. Comes standard with single motion park brakes, safety belt, umbrella, sliding footrest, storage bag, and comfortable cushion seat. Quickly disassembles into three pieces for easy transport. Capacity: 250 lbs. Seat height: 25 inches. 34.5 in. wide for door access. Price- $1,299 (approx).

Frontier All- Terrain Wheelchair

The Frontier mid-wheel drive wheelchair is the next generation from the Extreme 4x4 family, the SUV of wheelchairs. The Frontier combines the aggressive off-road features of the Extreme 4x4 with the maneuverability and speed of primary, conventional mid-wheel drive wheelchair. Finally, a powered wheelchair that is ideal for inside the home and even more desirable for outdoors.
The precision handling integrates superb mid-wheel drive dynamics with state of the art technology, allowing for outstanding maneuverability and pinpoint control while indoors. Outdoors, all 6 wheels maintain constant contact with the most challenging terrain, even at a top speed of 7 mph, through the articulating suspense frame. The Frontier’s enormous grip provides outstanding performance in all types of terrain, even on the beach and snow.
The Frontier utilizes the MPS Supportive Seating System that provides maximum comfort and support contouring. This incorporates an anti-thrust seat-front, lateral contouring on both the padded seat and padded backrest. The extra supportive wing bolsters on the backrest and built-in lumbar support ensures the best in spinal and trunk positioning. The backrest is fitted with a manual recline system to accommodate various seat-to-back angles, and an adjustable headrest that supports the users head. Price- $9,995 to $11,695 (approx).


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