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Mineral water boosts teeth

Two glasses of mineral water a day could protect children’s teeth, according to a study at the University of Dundee. The result show, damage due to dental erosion is reduced even if children continue to have fizzy drinks. Researchers believe minerals in the water shield tooth enamel from destruction by acids that accumulate in the mouth.

Dental erosion, which affects up to half of the teenage population, is different from dental decay. Decay is caused by a high sugar diet feeding bacteria that lives in the mouth. These produce acid that dissolves the enamel and create hole in teeth. Tooth erosion is just as serious, but often less visible. Acidic drinks and foods- such as fruit juice, carbonated drinks and even vegetables such as tomatoes and aubergines (brinjals) if consumed to excess- wear down the surface of the tooth. “People tend not to notice erosion until the tooth starts to feel sensitive or it becomes translucent,” says Dr Graham Chadwick.

The study, which involved almost 200 school children aged 11 to 13 looked at the impact of diet and lifestyle on dental erosion. The result showed the best way to prevent erosion is to use fluoride toothpaste. But the researchers were surprised
that drinking one to two glasses of mineral water a day was also effective at preventing problems, even if the children drank two to three fizzy drinks a day as well. “We believe that minerals in the water protect the tooth enamel from destruction by acids,” says Dr Chadwick.
Pat Hagan.

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